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More Cosmic Mermaids, Flowers, Astronaut & Other Fun Designs

More Cosmic Mermaids, Flowers, Astronaut & Other Fun Designs

I’ve been having SO much fun making pottery lately! I do pottery as a stress relief mainly and 2020 has been a pretty stressful year so I’ve been making more than usual and trying out some different designs. I’m excited and humbled at how well these new designs have been selling and I’m going to get in the studio next week to start producing some more.


I’ll definitely be making some more flower designs. The Irises, Tulips, Lilies and Daffodils have been very popular and people have suggested Poppies and Sunflowers.

I’ll be making mugs and travel mugs primarily and probably a few more vases.

handmade pottery

Cosmic Mermaids:

These have been really fun to make and I love that people are excited about them. I’ll be producing a dozen or so for the next firing and will take the knowledge I gained from the last firing to make them better next time. I plan do do a lot more gold luster this time on their 3rd eyes and the jewelry I carve on them.

Astronauts & Other Space Themes:

My cosmic blue glaze was a big success and these designs are so relevant with all the Space-X launches. I plan to make 4 more astronaut mugs and try out some new space designs too. Thinking about how big the universe is and how insignificant I am in the scheme of things really helps me feel better in the wake of all this global change.

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