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Super on Sale

Looking for unique handmade pottery at a steep discount? That’s what this Super on Sale section is all about! Some are second, some have just been kicking around the studio too long. all are offered at a much lower price.
whale mug
57.1% Sold
dark clay beer stein - purple inside
Sold Out
spring yarn bowl

Spring Yarn Bowl

$35.00 $15.00
lobster butter dish

Lobster Butter Dish

$25.00 $12.00
70% Sold
sgraffito smiling cat vase
Sold Out
45.5% Sold
sgraffito birdie tumbler
Sold Out

Birdie Tumbler

$22.00 $12.00
41.7% Sold
large pottery serving bowl
Sold Out
16.7% Sold
Orange Apple Baker
Sold Out
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Apple Baker Jewelry Holder
37.5% Sold
Green Sgraffito Bowl
Sold Out
55.6% Sold
Chicken Yarn Bowl
Sold Out

Chicken Yarn Bowl

$45.00 $20.00
Green sgraffito vase
Sold Out
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