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Sometimes you just need to start! This website is not perfect and I am painfully aware of that fact especially since my day job is in web development. I had agonized for months about the design (not really getting anywhere) but then I decided to just use a commercial theme and get it up because I can’t sell pottery on my own website if it’s in maintenance mode forever.

I’ve been a part time potter for a long time. As I mentioned my full time job is a web developer. Over the last few years I’ve been able to do pretty well selling pottery online with minimal effort thanks to my online skills. With all of my kids in school full time this fall, I’m FINALLY ready to start doing for myself, what I do for other businesses and promote Zwellyn Pottery.

My goal is to be able to bring in enough money that I can focus on Zwellyn Pottery 40% of my work time with the eventual goal of selling Zebralove Web Solutions to become a full time artist.

This is the very beginning of that journey and my secondary goal is to use this blog to document the process in the hope that it can help others with their own journey to promote their handmade businesses.