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About Sgraffito

milly doing sgraffito on a pot

Sgraffito is the practice of applying a slip or underglaze to pottery and then carving through. The idea is to have contrasting colors so the design pops. Most of the pottery I make uses sgraffito as a decorative technique. I love the texture, I love the visual effect, I pretty much love everything about it.

Many of my designs are abstract. I’ve always been interested in aboriginal art, and I believe that comes across in much of my pottery. I’m also very interested in what universal energy looks like and when I am carving a piece, I don’t plan it out, I just try to feel the energy and translate it onto the pot.

I will also do figurative pottery because that’s also fun. I have been known to put chickens, mermaids, fish, etc on my pottery as well.

Lately I’ve been playing around with different shapes and colors.

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